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Have you ever seen a puppy?

It is very sweet, lovely and shakes its little tail excitedly. The moment you see it you will feel happy . After, a question comes your mind why don’t I take it and by this way, problems start. This problem is known as puppy syndrome.

Human is an organism who thinks and acts emotional. Researchers say that 90 % of our decision is emotional. So this means we don’t think the end of our decisions. This related with our genetic structure. Human has “now” program. This program affect our behavior and thinking style. If it is activated we choose what is good for the moment. We don’t think the future, so we think we are doing right.

It is similar when you are shopping hungry you can buy unnecessary foods. Also it is related our “now” program.

Why is this subject imported?

You can make wrong choice about your life.

The youngsters that I studied with them were making wrong choice about their future and choosing a job. Of course not only youngsters, everybody can make this mistakes. For example love at first sight. Some one seems attractive but this beginning isn’t enough for the future. There is a method if you want to give truth decision.

Firstly, lets suppose you take puppy. What can occur later?

You need a kennel for it. You go to market and buy a kennel after you come back your house and think now where will you put this kennel? Also, lets suppose, you find a place. Lets go on. Puppy is hungry now, what will you give it as meal, have you ever thought what is the dog food prices. In the reality the cost isn’t very expensive if the dog is small but when it grows the cost will increase. Do you know how much food does it eat per day. You must calculate this.

Do you like the morning sleep ? You can forget it from now on. There is another problem which is vaccination time, you must take it veterinarian.

Do you have a plan about holiday. You have an extra now. Do you know which hotel accept pet?

You can evaluate and carry forward this approach at least six months. İf you say “it is beautiful, it is just what I want.” This means your decision is truth you can continue in contentment.

We need to think before we make decision.

* “now program”: Human tends to choose close happiness.

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